Wedding Questions & Answers

Can my wedding date be reserved?
Yes, with a signed agreement and deposit.

How many weddings will you cater that day?
Only one wedding is catered per day.

Background Information
How many weddings do you cater per year?
20 to 30

Are you licensed, with health permits and liability insurance?

Are you licensed to serve alcohol?

Will I need any special permits for my event?
Each venue and town requires different things. Generally any venue may ask to be named additionally insured. This will incur a nominal fee.

Will you provide a banquet manager to coordinate the meal service or an on-site coordinator who will run the entire event? If so, can we meet this person before the wedding?
Yes, absolutely, we have a manager at each event. Day-of Planners and other event specialists can be available as well.

Food & Presentation
Do you specialize in certain cuisines?
We chose our name “The Fruited Plain” to signify our ability to produce amazing dishes from cultures all around our great nation. We love being diverse!

Where does the food come from? Can you source organic or sustainably farmed ingredients?
We use a number of different purveyors in our industry. Local and organic products are available throughout the year but at a higher cost.

What can you do for guests with allergies and dietary restrictions?
Let us know and we can accommodate most issues.

Will the food be prepared on-site or be brought in already prepared?
Depending on each individual item, and the venue logistics we pride ourselves on producing the freshest meal possible.

Do you provide alcoholic beverages and bartenders? Can you accommodate specialty cocktails?
We do not provide alcohol, but we work with a vendor that will charge on consignment.

What brands of alcohol will be served?
We can get you just about anything you want.

Can we provide the alcohol and you provide the bar labor?
Yes, however we have guidelines on the amounts to provide.

Do you charge a corkage fee if we provide our own wine or champagne?
Never have and never will.

Is there a cake cutting fee?
Never have and never will.

Is coffee and tea service included with the per-person meal charge?

Catering Packages and Payment
Do we have to work off a preset menu or can you create a custom menu for our event?
You may create your own menu.

If I have a special dish I’d like served, would you accommodate that?
If we are making it, yes! If it’s from your great Aunt Nanna, no, sorry Nanna.

Can you explain the price differences between sit-down meal vs. buffet vs. stations vs. cocktail-style reception vs. family-style?
Yes, click here for a detailed explanation.

How much do you charge for children’s meals?
Depends on what we plan on doing for them.

How much do you charge for vendor meals?