The Fruited Plain

The Fruited Plain’s creators, Drew and Rosemary Gabbe, honed their culinary skills in some of the world’s finest kitchens, from the distinguished Hotel Fleur de Lac in Switzerland to New York’s famous La Grenouille, Lespinasse and Le Bernardin, a seafood mecca storied around the globe. They have cooked intimate dinners for Supreme Court justices and elegant meals for groups as large as 1,000 people.

They created The Fruited Plain Caterers to celebrate the great global cuisine they learned and the unparalleled ingredients that they can now find in America. Taking their inspiration from Katherine Lee Bates’ lyrics for America The Beautiful, they celebrate the bounties of America’s growing seasons in every appetizer, soup, salad, entrèe and dessert they create.

Brooke Tarabour tipped her hat to their experience in her March 10, 2004 review of The Fruited Plain Caterers in The Star Ledger:  “I’ve eaten at almost all the restaurants where Rosemary and Drew Gabbe have worked, and I can tell you that the food at The Fruited Plain is as inventive and exciting as it was at Le Bernadin, Lespinasse and the Four Seasons Hotel. The fact that you can have it on your table for dinner tonight is nothing short of a gift – a true gourmet gift, that is.”

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